Yadah Spring Festival Party with The Butterfly Project Beauty Blogger

Yadah Spring Festival Party marked my 1st blogger event of the year 2014! My 3rd event with The Butterfly Project.  Such an eventful event that I really need to fulfil part of my 2014 Beauty Resolution.

About YADAH: 
The event started with an introduction of Yadah and its popular product range by the brand manager, Elaine. Though I've heard of Yadah, but I've never used it.  Yadah is a range of skincare  based on natural plant extracts like essential oils, floral water, barks and traditional herbs etc. The products are gentle with effective formulas and 100% free from artificial colouring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and animal extracts. 

To sum it up, Yadah is a Korean product that offers natural goodness in its skincare and cosmetic; chemical free and no artificial coloring.

YADAH Product Test
All talks no point right? Better to let the product to walk the talk. Heheh. So here are some challenges/tests on that day.

Test 1: Rub 3 sunblock and give feedback based on smell, texture etc.
Result: B is favoured by most. Guess what? B is the soon-to-be-release Yadah Oh My Sun Block.

Test 2: Conteng my hand with liquid eyeliner and eye pencil and clean it using Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser. I wish I draw something better for this test. Hehe.

Result: The eyeliner is cleaned almost instantaneously, but need almost 30 seconds to clean the pencil's. Wipe it clean with tissue and you are good to go. No sticky feeling at all, even with the absence of water. 

Test 3: Only by 2 butterflies. To be the first to finish a bowl of noodle in 15 seconds  after applying Yadah Lip Tint Balm.

Result: The Lip Tint Balm remains.

Conclusion: YADAH has proven to be effective, hassle-free, gentle on skin and better than some (if not most) products.

YADAH Sun Block 
Remember Test #1? Elaine expressed it is important to use sunblock daily to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays. Also having the super duper high SPF doesn't mean it is better. Yadah Oh My Sun Block  will be released soon and it has SPF35, 70% water base and retail price at RM49. I've tried it. It is weightless, matte finishing with lavender smell. 

YADAH Goodie Bag
TAAA---DAHHHHHH! This is always the best part of attending a blogger event: Goodie Bags. These time, we received most of the best sellers products from YADAH. 
Bubble Deep Cleanser, Oh My Sun Block, Lip Tint Balm, Sweet Milky Tint, Bloom Mascara, Anti-T Emulsion, Anti-T Toner and Brightening Ampoule samples. Even the goodie bad is a limited edition Yadah Tote Bag that is only available in Korea! Woooo--hooo!
In the goodie bag, we also received 3x RM8 cash voucher from Sasa.
The best part, I can offer Yadah Angpow to you too..
Just download and print: RM8 YADAH Voucher.

Where to buy YADAH? The Yadah Angpow only for purchases at SASA outlets, but you may also buy online at Hishop,  Zalora and Hermo

Delicious Food of Little Wonton

Another syiok part of attending a blogger event? MAKAN! Hehe.. Thank you Little Wonton for hosting YADAH Spring Festival Party with The Butterfly Project Beauty Bloggers. I especially love their appetiser,  Chocolate Banana Wonton. The Spicy Thai Noodle was awesome, but the winner to my heart is the Mushroom Onion Cheese Wonto!

Ooppps, we cannot leave before taking a group photo!
Such a sweet surprise, this event was featured by Utusan Malaysia! Too bad my face is not visible, but you can read here: Yadah Ceriakan 48 Butterfly

Thank You!
Of course a big thanks to:
The Butterfly Project Malaysia for organizing a-dash-of-red event...
Yadah Malaysia: for the wonderful range of natural product...
Little Wontonfor the wonderful delicacies and nice place.

Atika Ramlan

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