Atika Ramlan Beauty Resolutions for 2014

What’s your 2014 New Year Resolution? Usually I don’t have a special new year resolution. But this time around, I have few beauty resolutions for 2014 inspired by The Butterfly Project Beauty Bloggers and Yadah.

Lose weight.
I don’t wish to be skinny, but I seriously need to lose at least few kilos for healthier lifestyle. I don’t want to pant while travelling or climbing the stairs! But healthy diet + proper workout yaa, not starving myself.

Start using beauty product properly
I’ve lots of beauty products at home. But even the simple basic facial is always forgotten. Haishhh.. I’m not getting younger, so preferably need to choose organic products based on natural plant ingredients. I think of using the natural goodness of Yadah skincare and cosmetic-- botanical product which is  chemical free, with no artificial coloring, gentle yet effective. Especially there is a year end sale!

Even better if I'm invited to the Spring Festival event with The Butterfly Project Beauty Bloggers and Yadah. Perfect way to start 2014 beautifully! 

Dress up!
I prefer to dress simple. But I really need to spice up my wardrobe and explore more on my feminine side *sigh*. Already planned to wear more shawls, instead of the instant tudung. 

Atika Ramlan

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