Kinohimitsu Luau Party Launch Bio Booster

The Butterfly Project and Kinohimitsu organized a Luau Party for 50 butterflies at Villa Manja Spa and I am among the lucky butterflies! This ENTRY is my winning ticket for a wonderful night.

After registering at Vila Manja Spa, and received my orange lei (Hawaian theme, remember?) all of us received a shoulder massage. Pergh! Seriously skillful masseur.  Some of us take our own private tour suka-suka hati in the Vila, hehe. Then, straight to 123Cheese photobooth-oh my, really love the setting! Its unlimited to take pics and and printed on the spot.

As a kickstart, there is a game that makes all the girls scrambling for sponges, clothes etc like crazy. A quest to squeeze as much water using whatever we can grab , to fill up a container a ping pong ball. The 1st team that filled it to the fullest-win. My group didn’t, sob sob.

There are lots of prizes too! Chances to win Vila Manja Spa Package at Spin the Wheel booth..I only managed to win a collagen drink..  When it was announced that there is an Instagram contest that night , again all butterflies go crazy again. This time by just busying ourselves to snap and upload pictures.. And as told earlier, there is a prize for a butterfly with the best-dressed Hawaiian theme. Untungla those winners, jeles I!

Then to the main agenda: the launch & introduction of Kinohimitsu J’pan Beauty Bio-Booster and sharing session of their ambassador. Followed by yummylicious dinner  spread and visiting the Kinohimitsu booths.We tried the Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink Collagen and cupcakes at the Beauty bar. The cupcakes were surprisingly sedap.  Tried our luck at Spin the Wheel and redeeming out goodie bag. 

The Luau party get even hotter when the belly dancer appear from Fitness First. But seriously, the male dancer was a better dancer. For videos, just search #KinoLuau at Instagram, you can find some from Instagram:atikaramlan.

Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster
Beside having fun, this #KinoLuau party also introduces Kinohimitsu latest product, Kinohimitsu J’pan Bio-Booster. Here are some of its benefits, apart from being tasty to eat/drink:
  • First  and ONLY Symbiotic Organic
  • Improve digestion and nutrient absorption (more than 2x)
  • Restore balance gut flora
  • Enhance Immune system
Look what's inside our goodie bag! Worth hundred of ringgit I tell you.. And this is the first time ever for me to get a CERTIFICATE for attending a blogger event.

Thank You!
Of course a big thanks to:
The Butterfly Project Malaysia for organizing another fun events;
Kinohimitsu for the wonderful range of products;
Vila Manja for a blissful massage & place; and 
123Cheese for sponsoring the photobooth with free flow photos! 

Atika Ramlan

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