Butterfly Project:Luau Party with Kinohimitsu!

Dear  Butterfly Project,
I'm writing this entry with one sole purpose only - to secure the exclusive invitation to
the 1st ever Luau Party with Kinohimitsu at Villa Manja.

Unfortunately Air Asia does not fly to Hawaii for me to experience Luau. Not sure I can do the hula dance but upon hearing there is a Luau Party in KL - I want to join! I just secure a new job, so this party sounds perfect for me.. hehe..

Dearie Butterfly Project,
I have fun with the Bubble Gum Wax Dare To Wax challenge and cant wait to have more fun with the other butteflies. 

Oh ya my sweet Butterfly Project...
Have I told you that I'm using the Kinohimitsu Health Pad? Most people call it as a detox pad, to remove toxin from our body while we are sleeping. Some might questioned its benefit, but so far it does wonder to me - especially when I'm totally exhausted. Put it on my feet before sleeping, and usually I will wake up early feeling light and fully rested.

My ever dearest Butterfly Project ,
Pick me. Shower me with goodies and prizes from Kinohimitsu. Let me try my luck with the spin the wheel lucky draw. I might just come with the best dress that night. ^wink^ ^wink^.

A caterpillar by the name Atika Ramlan.

Atika Ramlan

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