Philips Innovation That Matters to You & Me

This is 1 contest that is very beneficial and on a greener side. Unlike other contest, Philips Innovation That Matters to You contest really matters to YOU and Me!

Philips Innovation That Matters to You contest encourages Malaysian to submit their ideas for Safer Cities and Healthy Homes

Check out the promotional YouTube:

Awesome Contest with Awesome Prizes to be won!

Grand Prize for Winning Idea:

5 Consolation Prizes for Shortlisted Entries:

Unfortunately I didn't enter the contest earlier  =(. Seems like the submission period already ended, and the voting period will start from 9-22 Dec 2013. However, here are some of my ideas for:

Safer Cities:
Place a majority of new homes and jobs in transit-accessible locations,: to reduce traffic and related carbon emissions. Don't cramp 1 location with too many offices or too many houses.

Start a Sock Exchange/Barter Wall. No, not really to exchange sock, but to encourage people in the neighborhood to barter instead of throwing away some unneeded good stuff.

Healthy Homes:
Buy Eco-Friendly Toys for the kids.
Nature Pots! It can be Flower Pots with our pics on it, great to encourage the family to take care of "each other! Or 2 Lives in 1 Pot. Fish and a plant sharing the same pot. 

Join the conversations on #meaningfulinnovation on Facebook, Twitter @PhilipsMY and Instagram and visit to find out more!

Atika Ramlan

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