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This topic is kinda taboo. Not just among the Malays, but to all Malaysians since kita dalam kategori pemalu kan? Hehe. Err, kaum Adam kalau nak baca, keep an open mind ye. This is my 1st time ever to try waxing, and terus shoot try Brazilian wax.

Thanks to TheButterfly Project – Beauty Blogger community, I was invited untuk Dare To Wax challenge di Bubble Gum Wax, Plaza Damas last week. Boleh baca entry di sini: The Butterfly Project: Bubble Gum Wax.

Upon arriving at Bubble Gum Wax, straight to treatment room.  Instructed to be half-naked. Ahaks.. Was given feminine wipes to wipe the area-to-be-wax.Then start the treatment. 

Serius, SERIAU & SCARY sesangat time tu.. Ye la, 1st time buat waxing. Tengok kat TV, wax bulu kaki pun macam sakit gilerrrr kan? Fortunately, the waxer amat professional, soft spoken and pandai tenangkan daku yang tengah cuak. Ahaks.

Mula-mula she dip a wooden waxing stick into a pot of hot wax and spread it onto the outer lips. She asked whether too hot, but it was acceptable to me. Just nice, though quite weird, warm feelings… Oh ya, this is a Hard Wax treatment ya… So after applied the hot wax, she will strip it after few seconds.

Yaaa, that’s exactly how I felt the 1st time she stripped it. Just an ouch. Not ADOI, or ADUH MAK!!!! Not as painful as the TV portrayed. The process continues from outer lips to inner lips. Every time she stripped it, she will pressed her palm on the area to lessen the pain.

Tapi…. Bila sampai to the inner lips area, ada additional instruction. I was instructed to breathe in (before) and breathe out while she strip it. ADOI! This time sakit lebih sikit. The inner lips is softer and more sensitive. But still OK la. 

Then she asked me to turn over. Aikk? Oh, I didn’t know Brazilian waxing means waxing off not just the pubic area, but the buttocks as well. Hehe. Tapi the butt area, the skin is thicker. So lagi la tak sakit when she stripped all the hairs.

Lastly, she asked me to turn around again. Untuk clean up the remainings by applying smaller amount of hot wax and tweezing. Then, applied lotion and told me ITS DONE. She advised me to scrub the area at home and not to use hot shower/swimming for 48 hours. The process took me around 45 mins kot. PHEW….

So my conclusion: Brazilian waxing is not as scary as I thought. I’m lucky to have professional waxer from Bubble Gum Wax who is able to minimize the pain. Do take note that it can be a painful experience if the waxer is not that good. I you want to try Brazilian, go for hard wax yaa.

Will I go again to Bubble Gum Wax? YES. Eventhough Plaza Damas/Sri Hartamas is far from Puchong, I go. 

When I posted pasal my visit to Bubble Gum Wax , few of my friends asked me about the price. Well, I got it for free as part of the blogger review program with The Butterfly Project – Beauty , hehe. Boleh baca sini for more tips, info about Bubble Gum Wax and its price list of treatments: Bubble Gum Wax, Plaza Damas.

Atika Ramlan

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