I WIN: Halls of Horror Movie Marathon

The lucky strikes continues! This is even better than the normal Premiere Screening I've attended. Thanks Cinema Online!

This is the 2nd time I won premiere screening invites from Cinema Online. But this time even better! Its a movie marathon of Insidious followed by the premiere screening of Insidious 2. Not only that ya, dinner will be served as well as we are going to watch it at TGV 1 Utama LUXE hall

The unique part of it: it has Halloween theme. Hehehe. Reminded me of last year Tribal Halloween at Genting. Based from the event details, there is also a lucky draw session. Usually I'm not that lucky, but still hoping.. ahaks.

Oh ya. How I win the invites? Normally it's on Cinema Online website, but this time it's a Facebook contest. Just need to come out with creative answer for the pictures. To increase my luck, I commented 3 times. Hehehe. 2 of the comments I need to Google to get inspiration, only 1 is spontaneous. (yes, I'm very serious in entering contest)

You love to enter contest? Jom join my newly-created Facebook Group: 

Atika Ramlan

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