Delicious 50% Promo in September

Love delicious food? Specifically, you love to dine at DELICIOUS? Yummy food I must say.. But did you know DELICIOUS has fantastic deals this September?
I just saw this tweet on Twitter (of course-lah kan?).

So decided to check DELICIOUS website. And I found even more exciting events this September!

It's true then. Come to DELICIOUS on 9 September 2013 and you can get 50% off for EVERYTHING on DELICIOUS menu! Planning to have my lunch at Mid Valley Delicious la kot.. Too bad I cant join the Delicious Foodie Fest and sample the new menu.

My 1st time dining at DELICIOUS was during Astro On-The-Go Explorer blogger event.  I'm hooked since then.

Atika Ramlan

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