Movie Review: The Last Stand

Seriously a must-watch movie. You should watch The Last Stand. Nuff said.

As usual, this is another free movie premiere screening invitation I won through ChurpChurp pulak. Went to watch #Churpremiere with Fareed Adaboy as usual at TGV One Utama yesterday. The day before, was at the same place watching #NNPremiereScreening of Mama courtesy of Nuffnang.

Synopsis of The Last Stand: a notorious yet handsome convict in a high-speed chase by the police,the FBI. Heading towards Mexico. All effort to stop him was futile due to his damn good skill driving the Corvette ZR1. Plus his superb team that knows how to break the flimsy police barricade (duhhh). The last town he need to pass thru before Mexico, is Summerton Junction-location of Sheriff Ray (Arnold Schwarznegger).

Ok la. This movie is  not that great compared to other blockbuster movie. But I find it very enjoyable. The high speed chase was nice, though I think the FBI are way too dumb.  But the jahat-ness and creativeness of the criminals- really best!

The best part? The part I personally love the most, was at Mrs. Salazar’s house!! Haha.. everybody in the cinema was laughing non-stop, we couldn’t help ourselves!! Then after that a serious moment, Dinkum was shot. But right after that, we were laughing again coz of his clanging helmet..Oh my. The best 5mins of the movie I must say.

My verdict? Recommended! I seriously enjoy the movie. I give 5 out 5 stars for The Last Stand.
 I really salute the director and the actors for being able to blend action, serious and hilariously funny altogether in the movie.

Next week, going to watch #NNPremiereScreening of Hansel & Gretel pulak. jangan jeles!

Atika Ramlan

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