Movie Review: Jack Reacher

Another premiere Screening. This time thanks to both Nuffnang and ChurpChurp. I won 2 contest. So end up winning 4 free tickets
to watch #NNPremiereScreening and #Churpremiere of Jack Reacher. hehehehe. Watch it last night dgn Fareed, Hanif and Hilmi at Tropicana City Mall. So here is my movie review of Jack Reacher yaa..

In case you didnt know, this movie is based from a novel by Lee Child, One Shot. I never read the novels, but watching this movie make me want to buy 1! An ex-army investigator trying to solve a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims. 

As a mystery thriller novel lover, I enjoyed the 1st half of the movie. I felt like reading a book coz the dialogue is playing with words. You need to catch up, need to understand the mystery quickly. I'm happy to catch up with Jack Reacher's thoughts and his wise jokes.

Having said so, if your English is not that good, or you hate books, you will find the 1st half hour such a bore. Like Mr. Fareed who slept "occasionally". haha. He found it a bit berbelit-belit and talk too much.

Then when the investigation getting deeper,with more action,then only the beat picked up. Lots of shooting, action. Best!

My verdict: 4 star. This is the kind of movie yang I hope for James Patterson's novels. Sadly, all his novel adaptation failed. Sebab tu I refuse to watch Alex Cross latest movie  =(

Fareed's verdict: kepala berbintang2. haha.
And Tom Cruise still ensem.

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