Movie Review: Here Comes the Boom

As usual, i won another #NNPremiereScreening.
mode: berlagak tak hengat! haha. This time its for Here Comes the Boom.

Prior to watching it, I googled about it-as usual. Rotten Tomatoes rated it around 34%. Based from the review, I thought this was just another stupid funny movie. But what the heck, this is a free movie. So, why not?

Turns out, this is a really FEEL GOOD MOVIE! We enjoyed it from the very 1st minute off it! This was not just an OK movie, okeh?! hehe.

Here Comes the Boom is about a lazy biology teacher who was willing to enter Mixed-Martial Art (MMA) competition to raise fund to prevent a music teacher from being laid off.In doing so, he was beaten up pretty much in this movie.

For more Here Comes the Boom review-you can just google it. But what I can tell you, Salma Hayek and Charice are in this movie. The movie is funny. We were really laughing, clapping at some part. There was also "oohh" and "aaah" moment. Penonton hari ini sporting!

After the movie, I feel good. Puas! Which I dont feel too often after watching a movie. The verdict: YOU SHOULD WATCH IT. Highly recommended. Unless you are way too geli to watch fat guy in action. haha.

4 star. Better than Wreck It Ralph.

Atika Ramlan

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