Nuffnang Genting Evangelist:Tribal Halloween. The Prizes

Sesat Treasure hunt: DONE. Halloween costume dinner: DONE. Tele-match: DONE. Gelak suka hati: DONE. Makan sedap-sedap: DONE. So what’s left was just the prize-giving ceremony to mark the end of Tribal Halloween.

Among all participants, I’m among the unluckiest one. I only got these prizes from Resort World Genting:

Genting Theme Park All Park 1 Day Unlimited Ride complimentary tickets x2. 
Worth RM132. (thru Lucky Draw)

Genting Sky Venture complimentary tickets x2. 
Worth RM100  (for Slayer group being #2)

Genting Freeze 2 VIP Show tickets x2. 
Worth RM230 (for Slayer group being #2. Actually I got Snow World, but managed to change it to Freeze 2 VIP show.hehe..)

Yeah.  That’s how “unlucky” I was.  Sedih sangat, kesian kat I kan? huhuhu. So just imagine what the lucky winners got. They got more prizes, or more tickets to Genting Theme Park, Snow World, Sky Venture, Genting rooms and Freeze 2 VIP shows. Hibri got 6 Freeze 2 show tickets! Giler jealous..

Tribal Halloween ended. We had our fun. Will surely join more event handled by Resort World Genting as Nuffnange Genting Evangelist!

Atika Ramlan

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