Nuffnang Genting Evangelist:Tribal Halloween.The Event

I was blessed to be invited here. Coz the Awana Longhouse is not open to public. only for company event mostly.

The Awana Longhouse:

The Briefing:

Our trainer: Zul. hehe..
Eco-Sport Treasure hunt:
Aduyaiii.. Group Slayer was leading but  we unfortunately found wrong clue that was left from previous treasure hunt. So we become the last one.. But we still have fun, and I'm surprised I still can run without cramp. Hoho. 

For more pictures and story, you may read our "unofficial photographer" page: Kesian you sesat ikut kitorang.

Halloween-theme dinner:
The time for everybody to "melaram" with their costume. Mine was just a simple Moroccan jubah paired with a RM12.90 witch hat bought at Memory Lane.

The peak of the night, is the Charade game. Apparently, this is how Khai interpret Spiderman. hahahaha..

Then continued with Blogger-Sharing session with 
Followed by prize ceremony for Nuffnang Genting Evangelist and lucky draw. Read here: Tribal Halloween: The Prize.

And the watching Scary Movie together..hehe

On 2nd day, more games. fun games. Slayer managed to win some! we sure were the loudest group. hehe

Atika Ramlan

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