Movie Review: Soar into the Sun

For 1st time ever, I win ChurpPremiere Screening for Soar into the Sun. All because I didnt win the Nuffnang Premiere Screening contest. hehe.

Anuar sound bila mula2 kami amek gambar skema. so inilah hasilnya..
I met Anuar and Daniel there too. My team mate during with Nuffnang Genting Evangelist: Tribal Halloween event last weekend. Juga nampak Mira and Jeff.

Ok. bout the movie. I already read from online review and Rotten Tomatoes beforehand. So already expecting a so-so movie. I mainly watch this coz of Rain.hehehe..

The movie was actually better than my expectation, I a expecting lot worst. But still this movie is not great. The plot is jumpy. Here and there.

So my verdict? if you want to watch it at the cinema, go on Wednesday.

Atika Ramlan

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