GSC Buy 1 Free 1: Using BIG Card

BIG Card users! This is a tutorial on how to buy GSC movie tickets online. Not only you are able to choose your seats, but also to get BIG points. More points = more free AirAsia tickets to redeem.

**Not BIG card user? This is still a useful tutorial to buy GSC movie tickets online using credit card/debit card.

Buy your GSC movie ticket before 14 October. Read here:  

1. Go to Make sure you are logged-in. Only registered users can purchase GSC tickets online.

2. Select the Cinema and the Date. Then select the number of tickets. Select 2. Do not select other numbers. If you entered 4, the system will only discount for 1 ticket-so it will be "Buy 3 Free 1" pulak.

3. Select your desired seats. Click next. At Confirmation page, just click Accept.

 4. This is the payment page. Select Credit Card and enter your details. Dont worry if you still see the amount is still showing for 2 tickets ya..

5.Enter your BIG Card details:

6. Only here you will see the ticket price is discounted. It will only less 50% discount for the movie ticket. Not the booking fee. Click Confirm to proceed the payment.

7. After payment is successful, jot down the Booking ID number ya.

Earlier I said,can only purchase 2 tickets. If you need to buy 4 tickets, you need to repeat buying the additional tickets. This promo also limited to 2 transaction per card per day. So if need more than 4 tickets, just use different Visa card.

Atika Ramlan

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