Buy 1 Free 1 GSC Movie Ticket: Visa Promo

Calling all movie buff! And those who loves to jimat-cermat and hunting for any FREE stuff. Get your free GSC movie ticket here!
Buy 1 Free 1 GSC Movie Ticket promo ends 31 October. All you have to do is purchase the ticket online using your VISA Debit or Credit Card. This is not a fake offer ya. This is announced in in GSC Wesbite:

But wait! Are you BIG Card owner? Then DOUBLE Joy for BIG Card Prepaid Card user (like me of course). Pay using your BIG Card. So you will get free tickets as well as BIG Card points

Not sure how to buy GSC movie ticket online? Just read : 
GSC Buy 1 Free 1: Using BIG Card

Atika Ramlan

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