Review: Katy Perry Part of Me 3D Movie

Want to know Katy Perry Part of Me movie review? Want to know how to get free tickets to watch it? Read on..
I won again invitation from Nuffnang for #NNPremiereScreening to watch Katy Perry Part of Me 3D movie at GSC 1 Utama. Some of my frens were like "WTH? Its not really a movie, right?"

Yup. This is not a fictional movie, but more like a documentary of her. I didnt watch Justin Bieber's Never Say Never movie, but I think Katy Perry's is better. No offends ya Beliebers. hehe.

Here is my Katy Perry Part of Me movie review:
  • Colourful. Really feasting my eyes on all the colours, wardrobes, displays and Katy Perry's herself. Gorgeous! My fav is Peacock performance.
  • Fantastic concert! Snippet from the concerts, shows that she is really an entertainer. And what a marvellous, grand setup for the concert. I really love the part she keeps on changing her wardrobe like a magic trick.  =)
  • This movie shows how Katy Perry struggles for years, not at all an overnight success.
  • I'm really glad to see that Katy Perry is just like a girl next door. She is not a phony or faking it.
  • I thought she is just a puppet my record labels-to create the next Lady Gaga. Believe me-it's not!
Katy Perry was crying before her biggest concert in Brazil.
  • I was holding back my tears, when the movie shows how it breaks her heart when her relationship with Russel Brand failed. Especially during the concert in Brazil.She really loves him. Russell Brand jahat!
  • All her songs are great! Includes Extraterrestial E.T. (my fav), Fireworks, I Kissed a Girl (her breakthrough song) and others.
  • I love seeing her fresh face. Especially the left image when she was 17. Rosy! She looks really different without the makeup. Kinda sad seeing her face is worn out due to hectic schedule and lots of makeups.
  • Her parents loves her, even though they dont really agree with her choice.
  • I cant stop thinking about how handsome Katy Perry's manager: Bradford Cobb. Mesti gay. Dush!
Katy Perry Part of Me released date in Malaysia is on 30 August 2012.
Worth to watch in 3D for the colours. Money well-spent. But if you want to get free tickets, go to Free Tickets: Katy Perry Part of Me.

** Prior to the movie, it shows snippets from Grease movie: You're the One That I Want.
** Fav. quote: 
#1:"We love Katy Perry, and we don't care how old we are," said 2 mature ladies in the movie. 
#2: Katy asking her grandma how was the concert. "Loud," is all she answered.

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