Nuffnang Cashout #3

My 3-digit Nuffnang payment. For the 3rd time. I always requested cashout when it reached 3 digits. Worth the RM1 spent for requesting cashout.
Next month request for Adsense cashout pulak.

Wallawey! I just noticed I cashout once every year.. damn slow due to my inactivity in blogging last years.

But I dunno why when I hover, the amount available is RM102.92. But when I want to cashout, it only shows RM102.67. Mana hilang 35sen itu?  Should I send a ticked to Nuffnang support?

For my previous Nuffnang cashout, read here:
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I didnt blog about my 2nd cashout since during that time I was in hibernate mode..hihi.

Atika Ramlan

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