A Dummy Guide to create Dummy Logo Merdeka 2012

With credit to Jonathanfun.com, I decided to "CHALLENGE" myself to create this fugly Logo Merdeka ke 55 2012.

So I follow almost all the step, a bit differently. I was trying to trace the step of how this instant-fame designer is creating her "masterpiece". So I guess here is the way she did it:

Tutorial Mudah CUT/COPY PASTE Logo Merdeka 2012:

1. Open Google > Image. Search "Logo 1 Malaysia". Copy a decent size one. Paste in Word/Paint.
2. Now search "Bendera Malaysia" or Bendera Malaysia berkibar".  Copy Paste.
3. Type "M". I use the following: 100 (font size), Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold (font type). Make the color Blue.
4. Type "erdeka". I use the following: 72 (font size), Vladimir Script (font type). Blue (color).
5. Type "Janji Ditepati". I use the following: 36 (font size), Arial Black (font type). Red (color).
6. Type "55". I use the following: 72 (font size), Britannic Bold (font type). Yellow (color). Black (Outline).
7. I use Print Screen to capture no 3-6 as image. Cut and paste each word/number.
8. Set transparent color for all images. Now, adjust all the images accordingly. Walla! DONE!
Lebih kurang la kan? Hehehe...
Please la change this fugly-Merdeka Logo ke 55 nih!

NOTE: Why i said she? Coz baca from OhArtis! rumour said this logo is created by a new staff that just joined for 2-3 months. Doesnt matter la new or old staff-coz I believe high school student can create a better logo-even if using CUT, COPY & PASTE method. LOL!

Atika Ramlan

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