TUTORIAL: Install Intense Debate

This is a Tutorial on How to Install IntenseDebate for  Blogger platfrom.
Sebelum ni adaentry pasal Patut tak Install Intense Debate..
Kalau setakat nak tau cara reply, baca TUTORIAL Reply IntenseDebate ye..

1. SIGNUP at http://intensedebate.com/signup

2. Fill in the necessary fields. Choose "I want to install IntenseDebate on my blog or website".
3. Verify your email. Continue with Installation.
4. Enter blog URL
5. Choose Widget or Template. Follow the instruction if you want to install Widget. I chose Template for shorter time load.

If you choose Template,
6. Choose "Only on New Post". So your existing comment will not be hide (it is hidden, not lost yaa)
7.Click "Open Blogger.com".Now pay attention--we have right & left screen now.
8. Choose your blog (if have >1). Click Design>Edit HTML 
9. IMPORTANT!! Click "Download Full Template" -as backup if things go wrong.
10. Click upload file at Blogger section.(right)
11. On the left screen, you'll see white box at no.3. Select ALL text (Ctrl+A) and Copy Paste it to the Edit Template box (right)).
12. Click at your Blogger.(right)
13. You can Preview or straight away Save your Template.(right) 


Sorry, no pics. But you should do OK if you follow it step-by-step. Do comment if I missed a step or you are stuck at certain point..

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Atika Ramlan

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