Satay Sedap @ Satay Station

I hated Satay Samuri for quite sometimes already.Long gone his glory.

But I love satay too much that I constantly seek for good,tasty satay. Currently, I only have 3 favourite places to eat satay--all far away from Puchong.

outside view

1 of my favourite spot to eat satay is Satay Station. Have 3 branches if I'm not mistaken, but I've only been to Ampang's. It's nearby Galaxy Ampang. Tempat ni special-a traditional house converted as restaurant.You can choose whether to dine inside the house, or outside. But very limited place inside.

My brother introduce it to our family end of last year when he planned my parent's birthday celebration. 2x kami susah payah travel from my family house in Klang semata-mata untuk makan sate sedap!

A must have:Mi Rebus Bonda. RM6 per bowl (if i'm not mistaken)

Most favoured drink: Apple Asam Boi and Tembikai Laici.

And surely the succulent, meaty satay! My family, including me, prefers Sate Ayam. But here, Sate Daging taste better! So here is the only place that we will order Sate Daging more-80% of it!!

Kuah kacang+nasi impit also suit our taste.

The price: 80 cent each-a bit pricey. Tapi puas hati! If not, takkan la sanggup travel jauh2 semata-mata nak makan sate,kan?

So if you are living somewhere in KL, you should definitely know this place. If this is your first time knowing it, go and find it! Kalau duduk jauh like me pun, worth your driving effort. Ada website, but it just expired on 25th June.

Opening hours: 4pm till 12am I guess. Usually 8pm is their peak hour, full house.

Atika Ramlan

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