Intense Debate: Should You Install It?

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Still remember entry RUGI TAK KOMEN?

The reason is, I've powered my blog with Intense Debate with CommentLuv plugin. Ada banyak sebab kenapa I choose to change my comment system..

If you are using Blogger platform, and would like to revamp your comment settings, you MUST read this!! (Wordpress already have good setting)

What's wrong with Blogger default comment?
1. Using normal Blogger setting, your blogger id/Google Account will be displayed-linking to your blogger profile. Other options are tedious for me.
2. If i want to promo my recent post, have to use tags.
3. I can't reply directly to comments. Yes, I know the codes to tweak the default settings, but still not that appealing to me.
4. I'd like to reply to other bloggers comment, not just 1-1 comment with the owner of the blog

Why I choose IntenseDebate?

1. A lot of issue between choosing Disqus or IntenseDebate. But I decided to use IntenseDebate simply because I want to use ComLuv.
2. My previous comment won't be deleted. But, if I decided to revert back to default comment or use other comment features, all IntenseDebate comments will *poof* - gone. So think carefully before deciding to use yaa..
3. Now everybody can reply each other's comment. More interactivity.
4. With ComLuv integrated, any bloggers will have their recent post published everytime they comment-if they entered their blog url. Just have to fill the necessary fields 1 time.
5. Have automated widgets i.e top commentators and most popular posts (i'm using this). Just a click away.
6. Many ways for me to block/banned spammers.
And a lot more reasons-you can visit IntenseDebate first if you want to know more. Read the FAQ. My choice does not mean the best. *wink*

(I really hope I won't face any problem in the future..)

Still interested to install IntenseDebate with ComLuv? The tutorial will be published after midnight.

Atika Ramlan

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