Woody, Buzz Lightyear & the Gang-Funny as ever!!


Watch it at 2pm @ midvalley with my cik abang +Lord. I just realize all this time i only watched Toy Story 2, and never saw the 1st one. So syiokkkkk.

This is 2-in-1 movie,so it started from 2-5pm, with 10mins intermission before Toy Story 2. The story-of course superb+funny. The 3D effect is good. And the starting introduction and intermission are hillarious!!

Go watch Toy Story in 3D while it is still showing. Coz only available for 2 weeks, in 3D only.
Word of caution-if possible, dont go out during the intermission. It was filled with funny Trivia and Treats.

Can't wait for Shrek 4: Forever after in May and Toy Story 3 in June!!
Going to watch Ironman 2 on 12 May...yeyeye

Recommended for those never watch either 1 or both Toy Story. Also if u need a good laughter this week =)

Atika Ramlan

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kenwooi said...

dont think i'll watch the 1st and 2nd one in 3D, but will surely catch the 3rd one! =D

zulkbo said...

pening kepala tengok 3d ni
nak kena pakai spek khas

~Bloggerina~ said...

ken-i'm amazed u managed to be the 1st to comment

zul-ade org mmg pening2 tgk citer 3D

Aidi-Safuan said...

tak penah tengok lagi toy story 1 atau 2. adeih..sedih gler. :(

Mr_AzLaN said...

i prefered ironman 2...huhu

lovelylady said...

will bring my kids to watch dis!

syamimi said...

yeah, this sequel will never ending. jez like shrek, ice age. LOL. its still bring out hell of a fun!

Dewi Batrishya said...

Ouh! I LOVE LOVE Toy's Story!!
Can't wait for the latest one!
Thanks for sharing! ^^

~Bloggerina~ said...

cepat2 tau..this muvi is only available for 2 weeks

Mr_AzLaN said...

last time toy story...about ten years ago..perhaps..

Lin O said...

toys story will forever be enjoyed. they can make a 4D version in ten years time and ppl would still be sworming to the cinema. :D

<3 Toy Story!!