Rasanya ramai je yang masih tak tau or skeptical psl join survey-be it online or face to face.
I've joined a lot,tp sket je yang i mentioned dlm blog.

Antaranya leh baca kat sini : http://blablablabber.blogspot.com/search/label/EARN
or my other blog: http://duitdimana.blogspot.com/  (cuma dah tak updated sangat)

antara survey i've joined (xleh mention brand ye):

syampu & conditioner :RM250
hybrid car: RM150
Perencah sup: RM40
Coffee :RM50
Instant noodle: RM120
Mystery shopper:RM120 and RM100
Juice: RM100
Sweets : RM100

and a lot more,cant remember..the highest is RM250 laa

so,dont hesitate to refer a lot of ppl ya for REFER-A-LOT CONTEST!!

Atika Ramlan

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Lin O said...

ok now i'm believing, but how do i enter? can evrything be done online??

buyat(bebola tomato) said...

wow,i should learn from you