My Multi-JOBS

some asked me whether i didnt work or am i a student *wink*

here are my current list of JOBS:
1. FULL TIME HOME TUTOR(mainly English & Maths)
2. Online Rater for a company based in Ireland ( everyday,if tasks available)
3. PLKN Facilitator for Integrasi Program (3 times a year)

seem too much? but I'm loving it. and believe it,I still have enuff time for leisure.
I have a lot of free time in the morning..and can suka-suka hati go to movies or shopping..

so what are/is your job(s)?mind to share?

Atika Ramlan

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nabilah_2908 said...

hrumm..setakat ni masih belum bekesempatan nak buat part time..

dok kt office ni...9 to 6...thn balik..

esok buat bnda yg sma...huhu...boring...boring...

farteen said...

wow mst lumayan neyh...siap sng2 hati la hidup cmtuu ;)

Bento Malaya said...

ooo...full time tutor rupenye.Kalau nak jadi tutor jugak boleh tak?Form 3 Math...lama dah jugak cari cari ni

lovelylady said...

emmm...let me list down mine:

1. Cleaner-to my angels ;)
2. Chef-to my angles too ;)
3. Driver-oso to my lovely angels ;)
4. Entertainer-to my beloved fiance :))
5. finally, a secretary! :(
----> dun really like it.. :(