I won 2 invitation to the Snack & Screen with Rice Crisps by Mister Potato to watch Prince of Persia. You can read it here:

I WON!! Invitation to Snack & Screen Session

Sadly, my cik abang can't attend it coz he sells(?) shisha at night.
So I'm giving away the other invitation for any blogger who is really interested to join me ON 27 MAY (THURSDAY) at 9.30pm @ Cathay Cineplex Damansara.
CONDITIONS for this 1 ticket:
  1. Open to all men/women (but of cos i prefer a lady blogger..).
  2. Any race. 1 Malaysia la katakan..
  3. Active blogger-so that I know u r really serious to attend and not hamsap one.
  4. For man-single only. I dont want ur gf or wife to scold me later.. =b
  5. MUST stay nearby Puchong with transport--coz I plan to carpool with you..I hate driving to Damansara!
  6. PREFERABLY enjoy shisha-coz after the movie, I'd like to treat you with shisha. That's why again-I prefer those living in Puchong.If not,after the movie,just send me back laaa..hehe
  7. Hopefully a cheerful fella la..

Any taker? If none, maybe I'll offer to my friend.

Psstt..for those who won the tickets and wants to enjoy shisha, u r also welcome to join after the movie. MY TREAT!

Atika Ramlan

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sop said...

selamat menonton..

Vin Tsen Gan said...

I want go! But I live in Wangsa Maju... ARGH! XD

Mommyyus said...

bwk anak2 sekali pegi boleh. hahhaha

NiZaM Limited said...

wahhh..nice..prince of persia looks interesting.=p

MaryamJamilah said...

nak. tp dok jauh dr puchong. ^^
enjoy k~

~Blabberina~ said...

huhu..klu xde sape2 apply,aku ajak kwn@adik je..

Ezad said...

xdpt la ezad nak ikut...

x memenuhi syarat... he..

tapi single-mingle taw..

Hasrol Nizam said...

jauh ar..duk jb..hehe

atoyis said...

shisa i nak jugak tp still tak blh sbb ada baby..huk..huk..huk takpe la takder rezeki kot

iyllienaz said...

i cant..jauh sgt..ada kat jb..=)
enjoy watching!!

aren said...

wow..i join contest xmng pon.btw congratz! i layak tak nk dpt tiket free tu?heee

~Blabberina~ said...

aren,klu sgup amek ahkak kat puchong,buleh jeeee

aren said...

hu? puchong ngn shah alam dkt je..xde hal segan le plk.auwwww