As a token to all of you,i'd like to give you FREE CONTACT LENS!! Just click here:

Hehe, actually,not me giving u. but just sharing what Freshlook Illuminate currently offering from 19 April-13 June.

I'm sharing this coz mebi some of u didn't get or didn't notice that Nuffnang ads also promoting this.even I only manage to see it on few blogs only..

Tak pakai contact lens? Tak rabun? It's ok,order je. coz this is just for 3-day-trial. Even better,maybe can make it as a gift to ur gf/bf! Why not? Like me-I "registered" for my bf. but make sure u know whether he/she have power or not..

so hurry ya..only 10,000 pairs will be given out. 3000+ have been given out

Atika Ramlan

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NiZaM Limited said...

hye2 mrs blablabber..hehe..
i already fill in all the information.
illuminate is product of Ciba Vision?
woww..cant afford to buy one.
hope can get the that free lens. hehe..

Ery Farieha said...

amek da pun
dapat dah pun

~Bloggerina~ said...

oh ya-forgot to mention,it takes 2weeks for my contact lens to reach sabar menunggu yaaa

Foudy said...

i like this information about contact lens