CONTEST #2: Refer-A-Lot

My 2nd Contest-REFER-A-LOT

Just find your friends @ colleagues @ relatives to join online surveys!! 

I actively join surveys (online and face to face), and have been paid more than RM1000 since last year. The concept is just the same like YOUTHSAYS or YOURVOICE. Join any survey suitable for you, and will get cash/other rewards.

So,if you are interested, email the following me:
To win, find as many ppl u can refer to me.
Provide their particulars (name, contact number and email address) in the following format:

Contact number

Of course, don't forget to put ur particulars too!! Make sure your friends are actively online to join this new online surveys
**don't worry,i will not sell their info. This is a genuine invite to a newly-launched online surveys. not MLM or binary program.

Atika Ramlan

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