COMMENT-A-LOT: Contest #1


Some of you already know that I plan to host a contest so 1 of u can get some freebies from me--with very simple requirement.  Comment as much as you can! A.N.Y.W.H.E.R.E in this blog.

The prize? 
I will feature ur blog here + 5x ampoules worth RM15!! (not much,i know..)

I might give more if the winner really comments a lot-quality one

Additional Infos:
1. exclude shipping-winner must bear the postal charges
2. can choose variety of ampoules here: Shopperina
3. starts NOW. ended on Sunday 9 May 11:59pm.
4. avoid replying too short eg: "hehe", "tq" 

pssst..better yet-I'm holding 2 contests this time!! check out tomorrow for the 2nd Freebies giveaway!

so,apa tunggu lagi? Cakap banyak2 mulai sekarang!

Atika Ramlan

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Mr_AzLaN said...

i will be a nice commentor

Lin O said...

haha! dont worry about this, i can talk a lot! HAHA! anyways, i nk tanya, we have to comment this post only or mne2 pon xpe?

nabilah_2908 said...

cntst yg simple but interesting..prlu cmnt bnyk2 pd n3 ni sj ke...or pd n3 yg lain2 juga..? ;)

~Bloggerina~ said...

pada keseluruhan entri..coz i will create auto-entry masa i'm away..

Aidi-Safuan said...

ampoules tuh ape?

syamimi said... easy one.
I'll drop a comment. as many as u can aite?
only for this post?

Dewi Batrishya said...

HaHaHaHa.. Freebies!! I'm Lovin' It! =)

KaiZeN SHiNoBi said...

waaa... nak3... ahaks

M a W a D D a H said...


DaHLia said...

wahhh dah bermulaa.. :)

Lin O said...

yay! that shouldn't be difficult. ;D
tp, yes, ampoules tu ape eh? hehe.
as much as it seems like i should know, sad but i don't. haha!