Just got back from the preview of CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE that i've mentioned at GIFT FROM NUFFNANG #2

I said hi to Kenwooi first at Wendy's. Then later on with CleverMunkey-same place. And met Aidi-Safuan when we were on our way to toilets (separately!)
The cast: Mano Maniam, Zaibo, Sandra Sodhy, Chew Kin Wah (HEART HIM!!), Jo Kukathas (really good voice immitation) Bront Palarae  ( a surprise) and others that I dont know their names-but giving superb performance!!

Duduk at the 3rd seat from the stage--good choice actually. Coz sumtimes the voices are a bit slow. The act is hilariously funny, using Malaysian languages (plus bahasa asing..hehe), and being rated 18PL, some of the jokes are a bit lucah laa..

Mano Maniam is the main focus on stage. His voice projection is the loudest I should say..hehe. Also the most menonjol one in the whole performance. The act lasted for 3 hours! Inclusive of 20 minutes interval.

I love ALL the political jokes. I love the Radio Inama (i think) with DJ Ibrahim Ali, hehe..I love the sexy girl being the nurse/Minister lady--she's familiar coz I think I saw her collaborated with Afdhlin Shauki,but dunno her name. Even the sexist or lucah jokes also seems subtle (3 BATANG ON THE STAGE -ROTFL!!). The current issues being jokes are those we also joke around at mamaks or kopitiam...

And of coz the ASSHOLE jokes are the funniest..wink wink..

I guess that's it for now. I have fun watching it. Really glad i won the tickets. Too bad didnt get any chance to take pictures with the actors  =(

Atika Ramlan

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kaizen shinobi said...

nak 1 bleh?


~Blabberina~ said...

hahaha..dah abes pun..

sape dok puchong? aku nak bg tiket free nih

HenRy LeE ® said...

ahhhh.... bikin panas... boleh pula aku kena sembur water gun emcee Who Wants to be a Politician!!!???

Anyway nice meeting u! Malu plak tetiba kena approach! thanks ya!