DISCLAIMER:These are MY SIMPLE TIPS only yaa.. Based from my own experience in this 1 month. These tips are suitable for newbies from me, the newbies too..Who are looking for more traffic. Pada yang tak nak,just ignore this yee..

Hi! Thank you for reading this. You should read the following first yaa..

So, if u've read My Alexa Ranking post, my ALEXA ranking was 1.386mill and MY ranking was 5682. Today, as shown by the figure above, it has shoot up. =)
Yea,i know not much compared to the otai, but i'm a newbie maaa..

Let's continue with more of my tips, shall we?

6.FORUMS: Submit my dearest blog = CacaMarba Me= to forums. I just sent to lowyat and cari forum. Submit accordingla, jangan spam pulak.

you see? the top referrer was forum cari. 

7: KEYWORDS: Also known as SEO-Search Engine Optimization. The SEO part, I'm not well-versed yet. to put it in a laymen terms-get urself a popular keywords! See below, the most famous keywords for me is Adamaya, Pelakon Adamaya, Lisa Surihani, Pelakon Adam Maya, Sein & Lisa Surihani. Latest keyword is Anne Ngasri. Ho-ho, it seems, ppl/bloggers prefer gossip, artist and entertainment eh? 

Ekceli, I found the keyword accidentally. Coz I just blog bout JUMPA LISA SURIHANI DAN PELAKON ADAMAYA je..tak sangka pulak, Adamaya & Lisa Surihani ni power betul!!
Source: My Nuffnang Referral's page

Source: My Google Analytics

Back in 2009, I also enjoyed a lot of visitors from US. 67.6% in one day!! the keywords? My simple entry: CHRIS BROWN BEAT RIHANNA
A bit kelakar ekceli, coz takkan la mat saleh in the US tak blog bout it kan? but my blog appears on the 1st page on Google Search.

Other popular keywords are usually the hot issue happening all around us. But the most popular that i never use (yet) is surely sex-related i.e janda gersang, gay dahaga, rogol, seks bawah tangga, 3gp lucah laa etc..The latest famous: seks ustazah dengan warden.

This is quite lengthy,so i'll stop first. will continue with more tips yaa

Atika Ramlan

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etomyam said...

interesting analysis..well done

~Blabberina~ said...

tq en tomyam

Afra Yuri said...

good tips beb! nak try forum tu :)

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Seems like need to post about gossips with the right keywords ha? =)

Thanks for sharing~

joegrimjow said...


may be in next week i can put ur link on top blogger.. if achieved below 400 k alexa la

keep blogging

see more top blogger alexa rank here

~Blabberina~ said...

tianchad: ya lorr..but as a Malay,surely more hits with Malay artist. for chinese,if u've any saucy gossip from HK/Taiwan/Chinese, surely boom also..

but internationally-we can gossip bout any artist from US, Korea, Japan..

~Blabberina~ said...

Afra: nnti kita bagi links forum yaa

en grimmjow:i've been to ur next week dunno la cecah ke tak 400K, but surely hope will increase =)

suhaisweet said...

nice en3..visit mine if free.;D

Ir. hydir said...

great ... going to do it immediately :)

Thanks for the tips

rashid said...

waw...good alexa kalau self hosted mesti topppp!!!

Sharinginfoz said...

thanks... banyak lagi kena belajar ni

Kaitan Jumlah Entry and Pelawat

~Blabberina~ said...

ir.hydir: u r too kind

rashid: self-hosted tu entah bila laaa

Sharinginfoz: i'm learning from ur blog too..

buyat(bebola tomato) said...

blum ready nak gune keywords meletup...uhuhu...
kirenye kene tulis in full sentence la ea??
kalo tulis short form takot xdikesan plak...
ke cane??

perondajaketbiru74 said...

blabberina....gua ada prob nk install intense debate kt blog...bole tlg tk?

PutraRocker said...

sex ustazah dgn warden>>!??