1st day @ KEM PLKN JUGRA

Hari ni 1st day kat PLKN Jugra, Banting.
Haaaa,dont think that I'm 17 years old, undergoing National Service yaa..

I'm here as Penceramah Jemputan Program Integrasi for 1 weekk.
Tiap tahun, 3x mesti pegi masuk kem.
Have been doing this for 3 years.

Interested to join? leave ur comment here. MUST BE 25 years old and above + degree holder.

Atika Ramlan

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Lin O said...

oh?? hee, i can't imagine what to talk about even if I was allowed to join. xp

rasa cm xlayak ja. HAHA!
neways, its good tht you're doing it! rly proud!

CiK EdiToR said...

wah, u'r so talkactive..klu x cm ne jd pnceramah kan??