The Old Skool Nasi Goreng Cina

I will only eat Nasi Goreng Ah Kau at Sabak Bernam. Coupled with Air Nenas, with crunchy ice.
(Ini baru  "real" Nasi Goreng Cina, bukan yang macam jual kat kedai lain) -said my BF
I never ordered nasi goreng cina at any Malay's restaurant. coz most of it are mostly whitish or yellowish, and didnt suit my taste bud.
HALAL? I know most of Muslim bloggers will ask me this. Yup! Do read more..
I went to Sabak yesterday at 3am with my bf and his fren-Lord...Huwarghhh! Visiting his relative who is gravely sick.

So I suggested to drop by for Ah Kau Air Nanas + Nasi Goreng sos cili lebih!

Since I was not hungry, just ordered Cham+ Air nenas-my favourite.My Bf & Lord ordered Nasi Goreng  with Air Nenas. And the chilli sauce was marvelous like before,need to refillLord was soooo in love with it,he asked for another glass. He wanted to order 2,but too shy..hahahaha.

So in the end,have to tapau another 2 Air Nanas + 1Nasi Goreng for me. Total? RM22 ngam ngam.

++ in Sabak, 3 restaurant are known to be halal-coz it's their family business since the 70s,and they will only use halal ingredients. 

**diclaimer: i dont know how Nasi Goreng at other Chinese stalls/restaurant taste.

Atika Ramlan

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zulkbo said...

mesti mahal tu

Aidi-Safuan said...

kenapa ada ah kau kat nasi goreng tuh? :p

~Bloggerina~ said...

heheh..udah nama tuan kedai ah kau..
mane de mahal,rm22 je utk 3ns goreng+6 air nenas+1 cham+ 1 pau


oh memang kaler tu ke?selalunya nasi goreng cina putih je..tapi sedap..yg dalam gambar tu tatau a rasa camna heh

Dewi Batrishya said...

Why so dark? Candle Light dinner? :P

Mr_AzLaN said...

my fev menu....huhu

Lin O said...

you make me hungry.