Why I Wont Support Earth Hour 100%

Previously, Ive shared some of the "smart" ways to "support" Earth Hour.

Here's why I dont think so I'm going to support Earth Hour solely.

Coz ive already saving electricity monthly. My bills are free coz I keep it under RM20/month. Usually around RM 15-18 only. (Malaysian gov waived off the bills for below RM20)

I'm using laptop. I never continuously charge my lappie while using it. I'll charge only when the battery is low, and quickly plugged off when it is fully recharged.

I always switch off the lights and other switched when not using it.

I dont let my radio create a background music when trying to sleep.

I dont continuously charging my handphone.

Ive stopped downloading non-stop. Just copy from my brothers.hehe..They'll always download everything I ever need.

So, I dont see any need to support Earth Hour specifically on 1 day.
Ive been doing it daily. =) I will not stop after Earth Hour.

So for others, I applaud if u support Earth Hour heartily. and dont stop on that 1 particular day. Dont brag about supporting it, when u keep on wasting energies before and after that hour.

Save the EARTH DAILY!!

Atika Ramlan

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jolenesiah said...

i strongly agreed with u... :D
but still being a part of Earth Hour might be good too :D

atreyu strange said...

Supporting Earth Hour doesn't mean we don't help to save energy on every other day. What you do to save energy is what I do too.

Yet, I'm switching off the lights for that one-bloody-hour because I want MY VOTE to be in.

Do it for the vote. Politics ONLY WORK by vote, remember. And there's gonna be a lot of politics involved in Copenhagen..

Kasha said...

atreyu,u got a point.actually,ive already sign up for Earth Hour.it just I dont want others to signup for Earth Hour for the sake of joining others only

atreyu strange said...

Yeahh, I understand. Many take this event for all the WRONG reasons!