Smallville: Rerun

Hmmm.. back during my university live, i CONSTANTLY downloading movies, dramas, animes, manga and hard disk was full of entertainment than education. huhu.. It was free, fast and usually without virus, coz just download it from out Intranet..ahaks.

When start working, no more free ways to download 24/7. huhu. so just resort to my bro n sis since they were under Telekom (MMU and Kolej Telekom).

so I copied 7 seasons of Smallville from them, and watch if had some spare time.
getting older,huhu..during U-life, I can finish watching whole season in few days...

so u can imagine, how big my laptop memory taken for that 7 seasons. so after watched it,i delete it. free up space, that's what I always do..

tapi sedihnya..
I was watching 615, and quickly delete it after done watching it.
I dont know how I accidentally delete the WHOLE FOLDER of Smallville Season 6..aiyoookkk..

So Ive to watch Smallville Season 7, and unfortunately, I only have till 709.. =(
So currently watching 709.
after this, dunno whether want to see Smallville Season 8 that I've copied early this year. or wait till I get back home to copy the remaining series I've lost.

Atika Ramlan

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captain_zed said...

lor, layan lagi geng? cukuplah dgn drama korea..xsanggup ah nak follow byk2..seksa jiwa raga..haha..weh, so when is the BIG DAY?? ker dah terlepas??

midieainny said...

luv ur blog...tapi camne nak follow ur blog??

hiro said...

Clarke Kent;.......