Part III: Blessed I Am

Last part of my Whining Saga.

I'm still trying to pujuk2 myself.

Telling myself that my frens and my sibling deserve every happiness they received.
And that I'll never know their sufferings, susah senang to achieve what they are now.

Telling myself that I'm bound for greatness, time will tell.

I just need to prioritize, better-handling of my financial, contacting the right person for Biz support and start to plan my path to become entrepreneur.

Will determine when is the best time to quit current job to pursue full-time tuition teacher or be a franchisee..

Need to inject confidence, having fun, travelling to reduce the stress level.
Contacting "lost" frens.
God, I cant believe most of us stay/work in KL/Sgr, but it was so damn hard to set-up for TT session

conclusion? This is a never-ending story. I'm still a grouch, but with a positive mind.
Hope I can pull myself and change to a better person in coming months..

Love? hmmm, quite complicated to say for now..But hoping desperately to be at least engaged by the end of this year..


Atika Ramlan

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Solo said...

Lovely bag..;D
Great post friend.I hope you could visit my blog too..;D Have a happy day.;D

nova said...

Read your part I, II, and III, and relieved that you finally reached a positive sight of yourself, others and situations.

Cheer up, everything is actually OK. The world is perfect just the way it is. It's only YOU, ME, US who make it some kind of troubled place. Cliche? Well, yes it is.. but it's worth to think of that way :)