Part II: Loser I Am

Now I feel such a loser for not earning high enuff after working for 5 years.

I feel so small compared to my other engineering friends-who of course mainly working with Petronas or other top-notch company.

I was green with envy knowing they've been overseas for both jobs and leisure..

I am the brightest in the family, but my brother who almost flunked his SPM and sister my getting higher pay now. oh yeah-both of them are under Telekom (my sis MMU, my bro TM Multimedia College).

I've changed from an outspoken,cheerful a sad,woeful woman.

I'm not married and not even sure whether my current cik abang is a "strong" figure for me.

I've bigger plans in Education biz, but I've got no moral support nor financial.

I know various ways to make money, but I cant do it on my own. Far too busy with a lot of things, and nobody seems to be able to take over..

Ive missed a lot of my frens' weddings, occasions etc which I really regret.

I also hate to whine and writing all of this-coz some of u might say I'm not grateful.

and of course I hate getting FATTER!

Atika Ramlan

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