Part I:Glory I Am

this is my 1st emotional posting.
and maybe even 1 of the most honest posting-directly from the bottom of my heart

after almost 28 years, I still feel like a big loser.


I was blessed to go to boarding school right after my UPSR.
But I was not involved in anything memorable..

I was blessed with 8As in PMR.
But I made stupid decision to pursue Technical Engineering instead of Science Stream

I got 7 aggregate in SPM trial, landing me offers from MMU, UTP among others.
And I chose UTP to pursue my IT degree. Just bcoz I was afraid to take Pyhsics and Chemistry. and the dream to work with Petronas..

Graduated with 2nd Upper Class-but I felt nothing fulfilling.
IT was not suitable for me, but I doubt if Engineering is the correct choice either.
and I dated such a loser back then.

My family house burnt down after graduating--erasing all my sweetest memories in University.
I stil cant get over the feelings. I dont have pics in my U-life, I dont have pics during my graduation!!

Landed with jobs, good jobs actually right after graduation. Lastly landed as IT Officer for Government (Pegawai Sistem Maklumat). Still it was not satisfying, I know I studied and working in an area not suited for my soul..

and now, where am I?
why I still feel such a loser?

(i'll continue in 2nd part..)

Atika Ramlan

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