I'm Psychotic Synchypnotic!!

Need to release some steam off of me.
Been working almost everyday, thinking a lot! And had a fight with my cik abang...
And I'm HUNGRY!!

Apa lagi, straight away terus fikir KARAOKE+BUFFET...went to Greenbox Bukit Bintang. Huh? jauh tu from Puchong, tapi Puchong no Greenbox. Neway the food is not to my liking.

Refer to my previous entry of Greenbox Bkt Tinggi. I've mentioned the food there was not as good as ive tasted during my first visit to Greenbox BB. That's why I decided to try again.

And yeah-BB offer better food! Wide spread of foods, this time no ketam,no udang.. but to my surprise ade PEPAHAT!!

Dont know what is PEPAHAT? Geng dengan lala,kupang, tiram semua tu la..cuma the shape not clamshell, its like bamboo-shell..Slalu makan pepahat dkt Bagan Lalang je.

So the relevancy of the above topic? hehe..
I sang Lady Gaga's "Lets Dance" for 4 times!!!!
Seronoknya 'menyumbang" lagu,melalak2 lepas tensen..

Actually,semua ni kisah berlaku last wednesday,tp bz nak tulis.
And after Karaoke, bila balik ade tgk shooting KL Drift II tau..
so klu nak tgk KL Drift II pictures n blurred video i took , tgu mlm ni. i'll upload it

Ni teaser je: gambo van krew depa..

Atika Ramlan

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Ejump said...

mak aish...
lapo2 nie..tgk food tu terliur plak...