I dont Support Earth Hour


I'm not going to support Earth Hour.


Acually I'm torn between supporting it- coz I know the good intention in it.
But later Ive decided I'm not going to support and just follow the "trend".

Yeah, I use the word "trend" becoz I know some of the bloggers are just displaying it but will not fulfill it heartily.

Here's why-what Ive heard so far:
  • some already planning to go out of the house,and lepak to any wi-fi spot
  • plan to go shopping.
  • balik kampung,so electricity at their hse is off, but not at their parents.
  • plan to switch off the lights, but not tv, aircond,laptop that continuously downloading anime/muvis etc..
Sneaky eh? actually, I think there are lots of ways some ppl will do to "support" Earth Hour, but not understanding the real intention.

I think lights off during Earth Hour is good for big buildings-if they turn off the lights, it will greatly have an impact. If it can be a daily practice, it should be really good.

I also think for domestic, ppl should do more than just lights off. Esp those who keep their PCs on for 1 week straight to download/torrent.And not just during Earth Hour.

So Malaysian and anybody from other countries- if u want to support Earth Hour, pls do it accordingly. Don't waste any other energies while trying to save by lighting off. And do it on a daily basis if possible.

On my next entry, I'll post the reasons why I'm not supporting Earth Hour.

Atika Ramlan

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najwan said...

Well, i think you dont get the intention of Earth Hour.
Earth Hour is to promote and raise awareness rather then promoting to switch off lights. And if you read the website carefully, it actually asks us to switch off the unnecessary lights only, but not total blackout.
Yup, its true that some people planned to go to their parent's house, switching off their lights but not their parent's house's lights. But at least, they switch off their lights. What if there is no such campaign as Earth Hour, surely they will stay at their home and switch on their lights, as well as their parent's house. Anyway, their parents still switch on their lights right?
Some people plan to lit candles and some people questioned about it because it will harm the Earth with the smoke. A simple tip is to use bee wax candles. It does not produce smoke.
Well, all in all i think Earth Hour is still a good campaign. We at Malaysia still do not feel the effects of global warming (unless you noticed that during these 1-2 years, the weather is unpredictable) but Australia has. With scorching sun heat, high raising temperature and forest burning, that is why Australia had started the Earth Hour campaign.

Kasha said...

Tq dear.i know the meaning of earth hour. but u have to know the purpose of my post. I'm writing it especially for those who "support" Earth Hour, but just bcoz following others, without knowing the true intentions. Ive heard some countries even "celebrating" it with fireworks,performances-that actually consume energy. My post is actually hoping people will not abuse it for the sake of joining it.