Earth Hour: My Stand

Waaa..some comments already pouring in.

To Atreyu, Najwan..

Pls understand I didnt at all slam the concept of Earth Hour.
I'm actually slamming the people who're going to support Earth Hour, but with their sneaky way. Or maybe just signing up for fun.

Ive of course sign up to Earth Hour the 1st moment I heard bout it.That's y i edited the title for my previous post

But ever since Ive signed up, I've heard and read how some Malaysian intend to "fulfill" Earth Hour. Yeah, they're kinda making fun of it. So, with my posts, I hope those who've signed up, will understand the meaning to conserve energy. This is not a publicity stint. Not a mere gimmick.

Do it for the sake of Mother Earth.
Understand why Earth Hour is introduced.
And I hope Malaysian gov wont have some kind of celebration, coz Ive heard come countries have fireworks displays and performances-that consumes a LOT more energies.

So, for those who've signed up, pls do it on a daily basis-regardless of time, and dont restrict to switch off the lights.

i've been danged, and i believed,both of them just read the title only. and 1 of them, was so pissed off with the title, he didnt even bother to read,and called me bitch..haha..i hope he really does every part to save earth,since he was so pissed off

Atika Ramlan

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Boris said...

hahaha sorry about that XD well I joined Earth Hour and did blog entries about that last week.

oh? they're doing it for fun? well that's sickening! Earth Hour is serious stuff like DiCaprio's the 11th Hour movie. Haven't they taught we may die instantly by not taking care of Earth properly?

I'm really sorry for calling you a bitch. I'm a proearth person :) I'm taking my words back, sorry again hehehehe I guess I'm really pissed off XD

Yay March 28, 2009 is near :)

Anonymous said...

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armin said...

OMG,,,,thats quite true....but to be realistic how can big family will manage to keep their electricity bill under 20..
positively.. i still thought this campaign will give the significant impact.. imagine all of us unite to light off for 1 hour