My Multi-JOBS

I still didn't sleep, adrenaline was pumping and in the mood to edit my blog and visiting blogs,spamming emails to "publicize" my 2 blogs. ahakss..

And some questioned me whether i didnt work or am i a student *wink*

here are my current list of JOBS:
1. English Instructor @ KUMON Bdr Bkt Puchong (my main income)
2. Online Rater for a company based in Ireland ( everyday,if tasks available)
3. PLKN Facilitator for Integrasi Program (3 times a year)
4. 1-on-1 Tuition Teacher (English, Maths, and lately, BM)

seem too much? but I'm loving it. and believe it,I still have enuff time for leisure.
the only setback is I finished work at 10pm since i start working at 1pm

more info on my jobs and parttime jobs are here:

so what are/is your job(s)? COMMENT pls..

Atika Ramlan

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renaye said...

well, i think nowadayds people have more than one job. i also have more than one job. :D

Summer said...

Well,i agree w/ renaye..
On these past years people started to feel life is getting harder.And maybe that's why most of the people look for an extra income or an extra job..

Anonymous said...

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