Free Coupons : Wendy's

Feeling generous today. Or maybe hungry,hehehe..

When I was at Wendy's last week, I noticed u can also get free coupons online.
So for those who'd like to try Wendy's can just click on the image above. Print and show it upon ordering.

Wendy's can be a bit pricey, but worth the money. the portion is bigger, the sauce is yummy. I never had a chance to try the chillis yet. If u r bored with ur regular fast food, can try it!

Wendy's location: Sunway Pyramid, IOI Mall, Jaya One, Jln Sultan Ismail, Mont Kiara, Giant Kota damansara, AEON Au2, Berjaya Time Square

Pls show some appreciation by dropping comments here..tq!!

Atika Ramlan

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