Chris Brown beat Rihanna

Chris Brown beat Rihanna

Suddenly everyone is wondering whether Rihanna was beaten up by his boyfriend-Chris Brown... There is a lot of talk about the “unidentified female” that was violently assaulted.

This was the scenario: Both artists were supposed to appear at the 51st Grammy Awards. They both attended the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party. Then they leave together in their limo, where it supposedly happened. Some blogs claimed Rihanna was seen bruised.

Logically,Rihanna must be with Chris Brown in the limo. And if it wasn’t Rihanna, why didn’t she show up at the Grammy’s where she was set to perform with T.I.?

Personally,I think the stories are true. But looking forward to see pictures of Rihanna with bruises.

And also wondering whether she'll stay with the relationship. Hope she won't be like Whitney and Bobby

Atika Ramlan

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Anonymous said...

wtf this is shit. there is nothing good on this. really dude/dudette learn how to frickon spell or dont put any shit up. your just like all the other possers who think they now shit but dont no nuthing. honestly grow the fu-- up!!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha i so agree with you

Anonymous said...


Kasha said...

what's the problem? i dont think my english/spelling is bad.or u want to run english course with me? btw since when stating my OWN opinion considered wrong? no manners at all..

Anonymous said...

Now after wats happend chris brown has given him self a reputation as a WOMAN BEATER.
No doubt about it

Anonymous said...

o wow i heard that was true 0: poor rihanna

Anonymous said...

poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor rihanna
peace out my fellows peace out

taylor said...

i saw pictures of her bruises in the magizine. i agree with keisha. peace out my home skillet biscuits

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