Beaten Up Rihanna:Her Battered Face

Looks familiar?
If u are aware with entertainment news,u should already saw the battered face of Rihanna.

Released by, the acclaimed "beaten-up Rihanna" picture prompted the police to issue LAPD Police Statement for fear of tampering the investigation..

It was popular with Netizen (till now), and even boosted up my blog with my previous entry: CHRIS BROWN BEAT RIHANNA

Most newspapers also featured the pics.

And guess what-- YOU'VE GOT PUNKED!!

Later,it was released that it was actually photoshopped. Hummpphh, they simply said
"In case someone sends you an email with the subject line "OMG LOOK AT RIHANNA'S FACE!!!" -- it's photoshopped."

Will we ever see the real beaten up Rihanna?

Atika Ramlan

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