La..La..La..La @ GreenBox

This is an outdated entry actually.
Me and CikAbang went to Greenbox Bukit Tinggi last wednesday.

My original plan is to go to fatten myself @ ChickenHartz-quite sometime didnt go.
but then I thought better if we go to Greenbox, since I'm heading to Klang that day.
no Greenbox in Puchong, and my 1st visit to Greenbox was at Lowyat.

I like the buffet at lowyat. Crabs, Fish, Chickens, Prawns, Squids- YUMMY!
Ive tried Neway. Food-Not so good. Karaoke- Very good system.

Above were some of what we ate. Not as good as Lowyat. Mainly chicken. Have 1 dish of prawns. No fish, no squids, and of cos no crabs..

So any of u went to Bkt Tinggi Greenbox? coz if this is what they usually serve, I might not go there anymore.

The best part- 2 of us got a room for 10! haha! so spacious, while others cramming in a small room. sang from 5-9pm. total charge almost rm60. worth it, just that ive tasted better at Lowyat's Greenbox.

Atika Ramlan

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kynto said...

bukan main lagik mama bosan ni..aku panggil datang makan kat umah ko merayap sampai bukit tinggi lak ye

Kasha said...

ekeke..nko jemput skali je ms kduri kawen,mana de jemput lagik..huhu