Snip Snip!!

finally went to a hair salon. called E3, the 273th branch in Asia
here's my review..
now hv i tried taiwan hair spa rm19.90.
it was inclusive of aroma neck/shoulder massage, scalp cleansing,arm reflexology and hair wash massage.
waa,sumthing new..u r advised to wear short sleeves or ez-to-roll-up-sleeves,coz they massage the whole arms.the scalp cleansing,minty.the massage was good. I was attended by Susan.

then for the haircut rm15.90. she did ok. my layer looks cute.

downside for susan : x smooth during hairwash. not so delicate laa..n she forgot to clean my face after the haircut..

E3 use schwarzkopf. i might consider to do my rebonding/relaxing there. what i saw,the stylist are welcoming n friendly..warmer feeling,not too exclusive.

definitely going to bring my bf there to try the taiwan hair spa!

Atika Ramlan

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