All by Myself..tsk! off day.but i'm bz as a bee!

morning,hv to go to KUMON to finish admin tasks. then off to BP 10 for tuition at 1pm.

then drove to Bdr Puteri. I had a craving for Kluang Coffee, but felt that Bdr Kinrara is too far to go by MYSELF. so just went to Bdr Puteri,lots of Kopitiam..

but I didnt go to any of the Kopitiams. dont hv the mood,so just tapau kfc n bought breads & cakes from a new bakery..Waaa, suddenly a lot of new shops opening in Bdr Puteri..

Sudeenly saw a hair salon. E3. Offering Taiwan Hair Spa. hmmm, i really need a haircut. but when i reached the counter, a stylist suggest me to come tomorrow as they were short of staffs. not a problem,tomorrow also I'm off..

Hope this salon is OK..will give my review tomorrow..

Atika Ramlan

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