Too many BFs?

Darn you Along..hehehe,she commented that she didnt believe i only have 4 bf..hehehehe..

well,officially,only 4 counted as BF (but i really hope to minus Airy--u know he's such a jerk). the others just fillers maaaa..just guyfrens or date buddies jee...hehehee..xkan la nak bercinta dgn 10 lelaki at 1 time..

mostly,masa tgh solo la i kept on dating..i dont know WHERE those guys kept raining into my life...hehehheeh..but everytime i'm solo again,some1 somewhere will definitely stumbled into it online,wrong number or else..

so now,i'm officially solo again (but not from his side). and now,the routines begin again..for the past few weeks,i kept on dating..and sometimes, 2,3 guys in a day..dont blame me--i only have limited time in have to squeeze all of them in a day or two.and sleep late during weeknd--either to chat, SMSing, or lepaking 2gether2 with them till late hour..

so far,only 3 of them are BF material =b well,i'm not looking for one-but just love to hang around with them for a while..not ready yet to be in love in a haste..

Atika Ramlan

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