SMSing till late hour with Lan

i knew some1 new yesterday.he said he was "captivated" by the pic of my smiling face. hahahaha..he asked for my number--i see no harm in doing that.

and he called me after work..and said he'd like to smsing with me..i said no,coz my maxis kong already..and half-jokingly (we wont know what we'll get) i asked him to just top up rm5 for me..and he did so!! hehehe..(see,told ya) so we kept on smsing till the late hour,when i should already sleep around 8.coz damn tired yesterday..

i dunno what we chatted...about manja2,about cooking..abput how he wish he knew me earlier so that he could meet me earlier--coz he's going to spend his holiday till 2jan @ trengganu (family). so only will be able to meet me after that...

he was also the one who introduced me to use voice sms..well,i knew of that feature,but dont really know some1 to use it with.kinda fun.coz he said he love hearing my 1 point,he called me around 11++, which i was already sleepy,and my voice is "sexier" than it usually is... (that's what ppl said) and he was surprised, coz i sound different than the 1st time he called me..ehhehehhe

around 12++, i cant help myself la--but i badly need my sleep.he begged me to stay, thru the nite,but reluctantly agreed later on.said he will call me tomorrow morning..

and yeah--he called me this 7.45!! giler tgh siap nak gi opis,dia dah sampai opis..hehehe..we chatted for few mins..

hmmm,2nite i'm not going to layan him till late nite la.need my sleep..coz tomoroow i'll be out late,and have to drive to KL

Atika Ramlan

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